What Is Armour Steel ?

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    Eddie thinks sanctioned Drag Racing is done after this year 2021.
    Maybe so but Street Racing will go on.
    He is awake.
    Only took me 5 years to Realize I was telling the Truth.
    Doomsday 2021.
    Talking about Making Cars and Trucks Bulletproof next after Race cars.
    What I found short Researched today on Bulletproof and Ballistic proof Steels
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    armor steel is face hardened to a specific depth,
    to get any projectile to start expanding rather than easily deforming and penetrating, the steels surface,
    with the off side of armor steel, made a bit less brittle , and tougher so it deforms rather than shatters,
    the idea is to get a projectile to start skidding on the surface, and expanding,
    so the increased surface area has more surface resisting the impact energy.

    ARMOR PLATES are specifically designed to protect against high energy impacts and shock waves from mines,
    improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and even grenades. Today most blast protection steels used are 440 Brinell Which offer a good combination of hardness and toughness.

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    Where do you think they buy the 4' x 8' sheets of Blast proof steel from ?
    Definitely don't want China made for that.
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    The AR500 Steel Body Armor looks best to me.

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