Women and Shotguns

Discussion in 'shotgun related' started by bytor, Mar 25, 2013.

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    buy and practice with a good quality weapon
    I purchased a benelli S90 with an 8 shot capacity and its very effective,
    more than a few hogs have found it lethal, obviously decent ammo makes it function better,
    an average woman , being smaller in body size than the average adult male,
    may find a 20 ga shotgun much easier to handle well,
    as the recoil level is significantly less,
    and while that also means its hitting with a bit less power ,
    than a 12 ga, its still significantly more devastating,
    at close range than almost any handgun.

    for home defense its not like youll need several repeated center mass hits,
    too bring an opponent down, a single 12 ga 00 buck cartridge at under 30 yards is very effective

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