1986 iron head l98 corvette valve spring question

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  1. Jeremyd0813

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    After did the work to engine and deleted stuff used pcm of nc to make chip for ecm, there fine tuning it now, been dealing with Kelly and really helpful.
  2. Jeremyd0813

    Jeremyd0813 Member

    Just an update, ordered my first intake and using vortec base and pairing to afr190 vortec heads, so be coming apart again in months to follow and had intake painted so ken said probably have it to me in acouple weeks and I'll add pics of it when I get it.
  3. Grumpy

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    sounds like the basis for a quick & responsive combo,
    please post pictures of the components when you get them,
    and once installed and post your impression of the way the combo runs
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  4. Jeremyd0813

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    Definitely, also haven't decided 100 percent on this yet but might be doing a fast ez efi 2.0 setup for engine management, know dont need it but really be nice to not have to deal with proms and have something more up to date and tunes on own...
  5. Jeremyd0813

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    Well should have intake in next few weeks, hes still working on it but has everything from the foundry, and justed wanted to share my new lights I got, found a guy years back that smokes them and clear coats them and set on my truck has been on for almost 6 years now and still look like day I got them. Just like the look of lights themselves without covers on etc. He uses new and used oem lights depending on what he in stock but does a great job and light output through them is still very good
  6. Jeremyd0813

    Jeremyd0813 Member

    New ones and showing light output

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