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    Hi, guys and gals.
    I want to refresh my 1982 crossfire corvette. The car has a renegade, hookers and 3:73 rear gear w/stock E.C.M. w/ a graded chip. I have read the threads on grumpvette about heads and cam from" Drawmain" from 2014, and from "Renegade intake" threads. I am interested in Brodix ik200 heads with 70c.c. comb. chamber.
    What I'd like to hear about, is a cam. I want to use a hyd. roller,cam, maybe a chevy performance cam
    #10134334, #10185071 or #24502586 vs the Crane cam 119671. Your thoughts m
    Thanks jac1892
  2. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey Staff Member

    #10134334, 10134334 Hyd. Roller – 235/235 – .480/.480 – 114 – 350ZZZ and ZZ2 Crate Motor

    #10185071 10185071 Hyd. Roller 208/221 .474"/.474" 9.8:1 112 350/345 ZZ3 & ZZ4 crate motor

    or #24502586 24502586 Hyd. Roller – 218/228 – .525/.525 – – 96 LT4 H.O.T. crate motor, use with 1.6 roller rockers


    the renegade intake, by design is matched to about the 3000-rpm-about 6000- rpm power band in a 350 cid engine,

    Id point out that you'll more than likely need to up-grade your stock fuel pump, to maximize fuel delivery efficiency if you have not yet done that,
    and the brodix 200cc heads should provide a very noticeable boost when matched to the crane hydraulic roller cam listed and ideally a set of 1.6:1 roller rockers, matched too that renegade cross ram dual throttle body intake design,
    The new intake ALONE on a stock crossfire engine produces 32 hp and 16 lbs/ft of torque at the rear wheels over the stock crossfire intake, adding better flowing heads like the AFR or BRODIX or TRICKFLOW heads and a decent cam like a CRANE 114132 easily boosts that result


    and a 3" exhaust with an (X) pipe and low restriction mufflers would also help scavenging efficiency, one major key to good head port and intake flow, is to maximize exhaust scavenging and matching the cam duration and lift and LSA to the port flow and intended power band.

    the 3.73:1 rear gear and brodix 200cc heads should match that cam and renegade intakes flow characteristics well, IF the exhaust is matched and has little flow restriction.
    the stock exhaust and mufflers ARE RESTRICTIVE once youve increased flow rates over the stock levels


    vs the Crane cam 119671.


    related threads and
    sub-links, that contain a wealth of related useful info.
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  3. Indycars

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    Welcome to the forum Jac1892, is 1892 when you were born??? :D
  4. Grumpy

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    if the car has a manual transmission or if it has a higher stall speed converter, like a 2600 rpm, -to-2800 rpm stall converter you might want to ask cranes tech guys
    CRANE CAMS Phone: 386-310-4875
    about this slightly hotter , longer duration cam, but thats about the max that will work correctly in my opinion given the listed combo,components,
    and yes you,ll need to check valve train clearances and geometry,
    and 1.6:1 roller rockers will help


    related info (never skip reading the sub-links)
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  5. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey Staff Member

    WELL> do you see ANY OF THE INFO as USEFUL??
  6. jac1892

    jac1892 New Member

    Thanks all, that's a lot to digest. I put a fuel pump in from a 1987 per grumpyvette, and 55lb. injectors. I am an old guy but not from 1892, 1950...thanks again!!!
  7. jac1892

    jac1892 New Member

    Guys, I have another question are 1 7/8 dia. hooker side mount headers any better than the regular hooker headers? thanks again..
  8. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey Staff Member

    I've always preferred the side exhaust header /muffler design on the C3 corvettes,and A.C. COBRAS,
    ,(like these picture's shows them) my B.I.L well remembers my 1968 BBC corvette (these are not my corvette's pictures) so he has installed those hooker side pipes on his 1974 BBC corvette


    and on my 1968 corvette the car was slower by almost 2 tenths with the standard comp plus hooker under frame headers,when I tested them
    ( I tried them because they potentially saved weight ),
    (obviously that was with the internal muffler inserts removed from the side pipes while racing)
    but the under the car mufflers added too under the car headers total, weight,
    are HEAVIER than the side pipes when the whole exhaust system is installed
    if you do the required math calculations , you,ll find that most commercial headers are using primary tube length that are too short to be ideal,
    as this simplifies manufacture and CLEARANCE ISSUES AND REDUCES MANUFACTURING COSTS.
    the headers with side exhaust design, are closer too the ideal)

    related info (you can use the linked info to do your applications calculations)
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  9. jac1892

    jac1892 New Member

    impressive 68 vette, thanks again. jac1892
  10. jac1892

    jac1892 New Member

    I have another question on heads, is it better to buy bare heads and put your own components in them or filled from the vendor? thanks Jac1892
  11. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey Staff Member

    THE question about buying bare heads and having a local shop you trust add the valve train components and do the machine work , VS buying ready to run, off-the-shelf cylinder heads, comes up frequently.
    the original stock #624 cross fire corvette cylinder heads are some of the worst corvette SBC performance heads.the stock 1982-84 cross fire cylinder heads are pathetically restrictive
    more info
    just a bit of info on those stock #624 head flow rates


    the manufacturers can buy in volume and purchase valve train components a good deal cheaper than you can, and they can have heads machined in large batch jobs that also reduce machine work costs, but they are also trying to be competitive so they rarely select the top quality components, thus there's always a trade-off and you,ll rarely see top quality machine work, and the better components used in off the shelf heads for sale....that does not indicate the off-the-shelf heads are junk, but the manufacturers must balance quality and price to remain competitive.
    Youll almost always find that the larger and better known brand name suppliers like

    have listed upgrades as options
    yes quality varies and your going to be doing research or,
    your not likely to get the best value per dollar or best potential performance.
    it would be foolish to not ask about the options vs cost,
    and potential benefits of those upgrades.

    related threads and sub linked info

    ID suggest you select from heads from these sources
    Jegs; 800/345-4545;

    Summit Racing; 800/230-3030;

    Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center; 800/456-0211;


    TRICKFLOW ... 4294867081
    1-330-630-1555 • 1-888-841-6556


    Dart Machinery; 248/362-1188;

    toll free: 877-892-8844
    tel: 661-257-8124

    Patriot Performance
    Patriot Performance; 888/462-8276;


    Toll Free: 877-776-4323
    Local: 901-259-1134

    EDELBROCK ... main.shtml
    Edelbrock; 310/781-2222;

    BMP (world products)
    Tel: 631-737-0372
    Fax: 631-737-0467



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  12. jac1892

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    thanks very helpful
  13. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey Staff Member

    taking the time and effort to read through all the links and sub links,
    posted all through this thread,

    could get you a long way towards building a decent performance engine combo,
    for your car using that original engine as a starting point ,
    or in some cases suggesting better options.
    theres no doubt that will take some time and effort,too do that!
    but in the long term,
    its sure to save you a great deal of time and wasted cash.
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  14. Loves302Chevy

    Loves302Chevy "One test is worth a thousand expert opinions."

    My $0.02 - If you are comfortable choosing your own components and are able to set up your own heads,
    then I would do it myself and buy the bare heads. I bought Edelbrock Performer RPM SBC cylinder heads
    and the valvetrain components they used were JUNK.

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