yes the oil filter you sellect does make a differance

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    Research carefully. Rick.
    All Chevrolet small time engine builders I know use the factory GM
    bolt in oil filter adapter bypass valve.
    Its discontinued by General Motors.
    Available new aftermarket by Dorman.
    Push down on the disc valve with a small screwdriver.
    Feel spring preload. Not sure of Blowoff pressure specs.
    On Pontiac, Olds,& Buick V8 engine it only takes a few pounds pressure to open.
    Chevrolet seems to use a stronger spring to seat phelonic plastic disc tighter.

    Likely going to use an aftermarket Moroso billet aluminum oil filter adapter with no bypass valve on my 410.
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    I recently went out to the shop and started looking for the correct oil filter for a buddies car, now I have several dozen different oil filters on my shelves simply because over the years I've owned several cars or worked on several cars and make it a habit to buy oil filters in multiples and oil by the case , but that has now resulted in having dozens of assorted oil filters for cars that I or my friends may or may not still own, and as a result at times I find that the oil filter I pull off a car may or may not have a ready replacement on the shelf, which usually results in a trip to the local auto parts store for a new filter and yet one or two more filters sitting on the shelf for later use.
    now I have a few charts and some of the more common filter numbers Ive memorized over the years
    Id also suggest you install a long higher capacity oil filter if you have the clearance to do so, as both the extra oil capacity and the fact that the larger oil filter with its greater surface area constantly exposed to outside air flow, (especially if you have an oil filter finned cooler) can in many cases reduce oil temps 5 degrees or more

    I don,t know where they sell these, finned aluminum filter covers now ,a few years back these were $20 each and significantly longer that this picture shows,
    in fact they were the length of the long oil filter ,and believe it or not the combo of the longer oil filter and finned cover dropped my oil temps an additional 5 deg F , EASY TO PROVE by simply removing and replacing the slip on finned cover several times after keeping detailed records while cruising the interstate at a steady 70 mph (not a big difference but for $20 well worth it!
    yes you can get a bit more creative and build or buy something with significantly more surface area for increased cooling capacity if you might feel inclined

    I find it rather amazing that many guys (even a few corvette owners) don,t realize that the oil cooler between the block and oil filter does remove a noticeable amount of heat from the engine oil, or that in some cases that they even have an oil cooler factory installed. ITS OIL FLOW that absorbs and initially transfers heat away from the bearings and valve train not coolant.
    my 1985 corvette came with a factory oil cooler, that runs engine coolant through separate but contacting internal passages, this warms the oil faster getting it flowing but tends to reduce the heat engine oil can reach as it absorbs oil heat effectively transferring it too the engine coolant on the car, where its transferred too air flow through the radiator
    but if anyone happens to have found several good cross reference sites with charts, I can post here, please post links as I'm surely not the only person with several oil filters sitting on a shelf that they are not 100% sure of as to what application they fit

    these links can be useful but if you find others please post them ... ?Section=1 ... /Wix/31372 ... Guide.aspx ... 7Aod7V0AjA

    and yes I,M aware the the obvious answer is to post a list on a clip board
    on a chain on that shelf with the filter number and the car(s) and ENGINES each of those filters is designed too fit. so to help out both the sites members and my self Ill post the partial filter numbers list I have in stock and the car/engines they are listed to fit

    1985 corvette
    WIX 51069
    mercury grand marquis
    NAPA 31036
    WIX 51061
    PL 24651
    NAPA 1061

    1996 corvette
    pure L14006
    WIX 51036

    NAPA -1036
    PURE 24011

    WIX 51042

    1996 ford 302
    wix 51515
    PURE L30001
    PURE L20045
    PURE 14006

    1996 ford 351
    wix 51372

    PURE FUEL F33144
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    I changed the Oil and Filter on my 1987 C4 Corvette Convertible today.
    I filled it with Castrol Edge Synthetic with Titanium 10w30.

    I have a couple of K&N 2-quart Oil filters HP -6002.
    A copy of the AC Delco Chevy Truck 2-quart filters.
    I was using K&N HP3002 Prior .

    The HP 6002 FITS MY VETTE.
    I never lowered the car like most have.
    The C4 convertibles sit higher than the coupes did stock because the C4 convertibles have a Giant bolt on X - brace to stiffen the chassis frame.

    Ran the car for 1/2 an hour.
    Oil temp to 200 F.
    Revved it to Redline.
    At 4,800-5,200 Rpm garage parked I have 68-70 psi Hot oil pressure .

    Dont recommend trying on lowered coupes the 2-quart filter.

    I have the Z52 Oil cooler also.
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    I you are wondering where those magnets came from that this guy is using, they are from a
    computer Hard Drive. That's where I got the one in the photo.


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