305 to 350 upgrade deal??


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I found a local mechanic to help me with my 1984 K10. I'm looking to upgrade my 305, this guy has a long block 350 he's looking to fix up for me to replace the 305. This is his email- is it worth $1,000? I'm a newbie and don't want to get taken for a ride. Is this a fair deal?

From local guy-

After taking measurements and checking a few critical things, here's what I found:

4 bolt block recently bored 20 over, (cross hatch from finish hone still visible).

Bearings show normal wear with nothing indicating something is amiss

Pistons are recent press pin stock replacement style

Heads show indications of recent rebuild, (hardened seats installed, valve seals aren't crusty, combustion chambers are hardly carbonized).

Overall, this long block would be perfect for a refresh on the cheap. Includes everything but the cam and lifters/timing chain, and an oil pan. So we'd need an oil pan for your application, a low buck rebuild kit with rings, bearings and seals, head gaskets and valve seals, and we'd need a cam and lifter kit. The rest, (carburetor, distributor, etc), could be transferred from your existing combination, or purchased at time of installation.

He wants 1000 firm. It's a high nickel 4 bolt block, in long block format, (includes the heads and intake manifold), with very little wear following a recent rebuild. It's worth every penny in my opinion. You'll save tons on machine work and parts. All I have to do is disassemble, clean, finish hone, reassemble. It's a steal.

yes if its AS DESCRIBED its a decent DEAL ID jump on.
IF I was in that situation ID suggest you PAY a local machine shop to inspect it before you hand over the cash,
yes it might cost you $50-$100 for them to take 15 minutes to look it over,
if the current owner refuses , since your paying for the inspection, and if its ok, and your about to hand him $1000... there's most likely something wrong he wants overlooked

but thats cheap insurance if theres something you need to know and over looked, and they can provide the missing parts and do any machine work required.
keep in mind if you bought it and later find the blocks cracked or some other flaw like the pistons are not the correct size, it will cost you far more later