Canada People Have So Far Refused To Stand Up To A Tyrannical Political Elite


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a good example of a politician using a tragedy to force massive gun confiscation
notice that there was no mention of what firearms were used in the Canadian assault/shooting deaths
and the criminal Was already
legally prohibited from firearms ownership
but the liberal answer...
confiscate guns from millions of citizens that had NOTHING to do with the crime!
liberal democrats here in the USA , are frustrated and envious,
that they can't yet duplicate the gun ban,
have total control and, rule by mandate,
and force the following confiscation in a similar manner
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There are a lot of sheep in this country too Grumpy this big media demonrat hoax shows that
unfortunately your obviously correct ,
there are far too many uninformed, really stupid people who refuse to demand,
and vote to maintain, and support, their constitutional rights even in AMERICA,
clueless sheep who have no concept of how bad things might get,
if they allow their rights to be abolished

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a slippery slope that's designed by liberals,
to result in ever more incremental steps resulting in total gun confiscation
you can't totally control people until their ability to resist is eliminated
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