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THANKS to these guys above

Scanning Software - Free:

Scanmaster ELM v. - http://www.wgsoft.de
Digimoto Lite - http://www.digimoto.com/
wODB - http://www.werner-digital.com/obd/software.html
ScanTool - http://www.scantool.net/?mode=browseSoftware
OBD2Spy - http://www.obd2spy.com/
OBD-DIAG - http://www.er-forum.de/obd-diag-dl/index.php
EasyObdII_v2 - http://www.easyobdii.com/downloads.php
OBD Logger - http://pages.infinit.net/jsenk/obd.htm
Mac OSX / Linux - http://www.cs.unm.edu/~donour/cars/pyobd/
OBD Gauge, PalmOS, Pocket PC - http://www.qcontinuum.org/obdgauge/

Other OBD2 Scan Tools - Compare Price and Features:



Auto Enginuity - http://www.autoenginuity.com/
ScanTool.net - http://www.scantool.net/
Auterra - http://www.auterraweb.com/
AutoTap - http://www.autotap.com/
EASE Diagnostics - http://www.obd2.com/
OBDdiagnostics.com - http://www.obddiagnostics.com/
Tekmate Tools - http://www.tekmatetools.com/
mOByDic - http://www.ozenelektronik.com/
OBD-2.com - http://www.obd-2.com/
SK Pang Electronics - http://www.skpang.co.uk/
ElmCan obd-2.de - http://www.obd-2.de/
Nology PDA - http://www.nology.com/pdadyno.html

Interesting OBD2 links and other products:

OBD2 connector location - http://www.obdclearinghouse.com/oemdb/
Trouble Code Lookup - http://www.actron.com/code_lookup.php
Trouble Code Definitions - http://www.iequus.com/support/obd2_definitions.php
Elm Electronics OBD2 Chips - http://www.elmelectronics.com/
TunerTools.com - http://www.tunertools.com
OBD-Codes.com - http://www.obd-codes.com
OBD2 Crazy - http://www.werner-digital.com/obd/
Multiplex Engineering - http://www.multiplex-engineering.com/
Proscan - http://www.myscantool.com/
EFILive - http://www.efilive.com/
Trouble Code Chart - http://www.troublecodes.net/
Custom PCM/ECM Programming - http://www.madz28.com/
Custom TBI/TPI Chips - http://www.tbichips.com/
Custom PCM/ECM Chips - http://www.pcmforless.com/
LS1-Edit - http://www.carputing.com/
HPTuners - http://www.hptuners.com/
Sunspeed Lotus Honda conversions - http://www.sunspeed.com/OBD2.htm
Romulator - http://www.hondata.com/romulator.html

This first link is the best EDIS primer that I can come up with…
Here is the EDIS specific MS info…

Mega Squirt info page…

Mega Squirt Spark Extra code forums…

Mega Squirt & Spark Extra Manual with EDIS details…

This the Mega Jolt Lite Jr. For Carbureted users wanting to run the EDIS ignition stand alone.
you really need a scan tool of some sort to work on corvettes

http://www.gosale.com/4924033/actron-cp ... 2godkQqywQ

at about $140 its certainly affordable, but its basically a deluxe code reader

http://www.mamotorworks.com/corvette-c6 ... -7491.html

http://stores.channeladvisor.com/Summit ... ms/BBE-ATU


this seems to be a better deal, at $199

http://www.etoolcart.com/autoxray-scann ... x6000.aspx

this is what I bought,(about $400) but mines several years old and theres even better ones out there now

AutoXray EZ-Scan 6000 review BY Dustoff529

I bought an AutoXray EZ-Scan 6000 last week and thought I'd write up a bit of a review on it for those interested.

I had considered several options for a scan tool, the most versatile seem to be the kind that run on a laptop. However, for me to use software for both my OBDI Corvette, and newer OBD-II Nissan Maxima, I'd have to buy more than one software package, and it seemed to be about $500 or more at that level for only GM-specific software.

One thing that appealed to me about the EZ-Scan 6000 is I don't need a laptop (though I have a couple), it has GM, Chrysler, Ford OBD, as well as GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota specifice OBD-II capability. Plus generic OBD-II to use on any vehicle since 1996. And another stand-out
is it is CAN compatible. I did not find any consumer-grade laptop software that was CAN compatible.

So this tool seemed the most flexible, even though I have only GM cars and Nissan, and no CAN cars. I also didn't like the 20-vehicle limit on EASE software, though I can't imagine hitting that limit.

I'll start off with the shortcomings of this tool. The main one is it's ability to capture and record data. It is not a tuner tool. It can record a maximum of 25 parameters at a max rate of 2 frames per second (adjustable) and can only hold 29 frames. So that's 14.5 seconds of data at the max recording rate. 2 frames a second doesn't seem quick enough for tuning work.

Also, the captured data for some reason gets deleted if you go back to real-time monitoring. This is a tad annoying.

The pluses are that it's very versatile in terms of vehicles it works with, is upgradeable, has nice long cables on the connectors (about 6' long), and has many manufacturer specific parameters. And it has many OBD-II features such as checking sensor readiness states (for emissions testing), viewing freeze-frame data, pulling sensor test results, checking and clearing codes, and pulling vehicle data like VIN, CALID, and something called "CVM" I believe, from vehicles that support that.

One question I had that no one could answer about any tool is what parameters should I expect? The tool supports a bunch, but not every vehicle supports a bunch. On two (neighbors) OBD-II cars, the Regal and Aurora, I got between 40-60 parameters each. I was surprised neither had much in the way of tranny stuff (both are autos), except the tranny temp.

I also noticed you can't select parameters on the Corvette (or any OBDI car, I don't believe). So you have to scroll them all, seeing 4 at a time on the 8-line display. On OBD-II cars, you can pick the parameters to monitor. The less you pick, the faster the update. But interestingly, the 30+ parameters on the Corvette updated quite fast, probably 5+ times per second, in spite of updating so many things.

According to the tech support, the tool supports every parameter the vehicle has available, they said they get the info per model from GM. I've no way to know if that's true or if I'm getting cheated out of some parameters, but the ones that are available for my neighbors, 2002 Aurora are as follows:

Readiness Monitors Complete
Fuel System 1
Fuel System 2
Load Value (%)
Coolant Temp (deg)
Long Term Fuel Trim 1 (%)
Long Term Fuel Trim 2 (%)
MAP Sensor ("Hg)
Engine RPM
Vehicle Speed
Ignition Timing Advance (deg)
Intake Air Temp (deg)
Air Flow Rate (lbs/min)
Throttle Position (%)
2nd Air Status
Oxygen Sensor 1 Bank1 (V)
Short Term Fuel Trim 1 (%)
Oxygen Sensor 2 Bank1 (V)
Short Term Fuel Trim 2 (not supported, I believe because it's for the post-cat O2)
Oxygen Sensor 1 Bank2 (V)
Short Term Fuel Trim 2 (%)
OBD-II Required
Battery Voltage (V)
Throttle Sensor (V)
EGR Position (V)
Fuel Tank Pressure (" H2O)
EGR Valve Open (%)
Trans Oil Temp (deg)
Start Up Coolant Temp (deg)
Canister Purge Solenoid (%)
Long Term Cell
Injector Pulse #1 (ms)
Injector Pulse #2 (ms)
Desired EGR (%)
Barometric Pressure (" Hg)
A/F Ratio
Engine Rune Time (s)
Calc Air Flow (lbs/min)
EGR Valve Position
EGR Decel Trip
Total Misfires
Misfire History Cyl1
Misfire History Cyl2
Misfire History Cyl3
Misfire History Cyl4
Misfire History Cyl5
Misfire History Cyl6
Misfire History Cyl7
Misfire History Cyl8
Long Term Fuel Trim
Rich/Lean Lean/Rich Ratio
OBD Data Cleared (miles)
Block Learn Decel
Block Learn Idle
Block Learn Cruise
Block Learn Accel

The unit can also be configured in metric, which would change the units for many of the listed parameters.

The available OBD-II manufacturer-specific codes are listed here:
But again, most vehicles will have a small subset of those supported.

The unit came with three OBD cables, an OBD-II cable for 1994-95 GM vehicles, and a generic OBD-II cable for all 1996+ vehicles. There is also apparently an OBD-II cable specifically for Chrysler vehicles which isn't included. There is also a battery tester accessory.

I've so far used the tool successfully on a 1990 Corvette, 1997 Buick Regal, 2002 Olds Aurora, 1995 Nissan Maxmia (was surprised this worked), and a 2003 Nissan 350Z.

So far I'm pretty happy with the tool. I'm it's really worth the money the fact that it will be useful on many cars, and on cars past 2008 when CAN will be standard, make it worthwhile in the long run.

A few things I thought were neat are measuring the intake air temps, and air flow. That would be an interesting way to compare air filters, intake cones, etc. To see if they flow more air over the MAF, and if the temps increase or not.

Also things like the miles since reset would be useful when looking at a used car. In case someone reset the car prior to your seeing it, to mask any trouble codes, etc.

I tried out the EZ-Charge 200 today with the tool. You input the rated load capacity, it does whatever it does, and tells you if the battery is ok, needs a charge, is about to crap out, etc. Plus it gives it an amps rating. The Aurora has a 770 CCA battery, and it said it was good for 805 CCA. The Corvette has a 650 CCA batter, and the tool said it was good for 620 CCA. For both it suggested they were good and needed a recharge...

It also has a voltmeter mode, which wouldn't be anything special except it saves the low and high voltage. You can hook it up, fire the car up, and see how low the volts sunk while cranking, and you can see how high they go while running/charging.

Oh, another nice thing is the tool, the scan cables, the battery tester, and all the manuals/CD's fit into the carrying case. I like that because otherwise it would be lost somewhere in the house.

this info may help

hese scanners below are popular,

you really need to purchase a multi meter and a SHOP MANUAL and look thru the schematics
without testing theres almost no way to locate the source of your problem,, testing will tell you



a couple scanner related tools worth owning

http://www.harborfreight.com/5-in-1-dig ... 98674.html



http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/d ... mber=98614

this is what I use

this looks interesting with a discount coupon its discounted to about $169.99 until 4/30/18 plus $49.99 for a two year 100% warranty


if you purchase a ZR13 auto code scanner, from HF,
you need this info






Ive also been playing with a friends scanner, for OBDII (1996 and newer cars)
it works with a down loaded app on your blue tooth comparable I-phone/I-pad without a connecting cord, it seems to work reasonably well
and its only $100.00 so its priced lower mid range






well worth reading thru
http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbullet ... p?t=921103

software/hardware package

tools you really need
timing light
vacuum gauge
IR temp gun
degree wheel
dial indicator and stand
fuel pressure gauge
V.O.M. meter
torque wrench
magnifying spark plug reader
lift or (4) 12 ton jack stands
basic mechanic hand tools
floor jack

90% of your problems will be found just running thru the check list and following the shop manual suggestions, yes diagnostic software , and owning a scanner is a very good idea!

these links should save you some time diagnosing the problem

http://members.shaw.ca/corvette86/FuelS ... gnosis.pdf

http://members.shaw.ca/corvette86/Compo ... w%2086.pdf



http://www.ehow.com/how_2143018_test-fu ... e-car.html


http://www.classictruckshop.com/clubs/e ... ac/uum.htm




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