Finally! I Can Be A “go To Guy!”


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My Corvette “Parts and Illustrations Catalog” came today. I just bought it on eVay just a few days ago, it said it would be here on the 7th.

Another successful buy. I got better than what I expected. Every other seller wanted $90 to $200 for this book , some where copied pages of the catalog. It was kind of confusing when the seller said it was thousands of pages when others said it was few hundred to just about 1000 pages. The condition was called “good” that’s a little bit of a stretch but I’m not complaining. I paid just $39 and that included $13 shipping!
It does have a couple thousand pages, it’s a dealer counter top book with binder. I haven’t gone through every page but it looks good so far.

I’m tickled pink over this book, it will go a long way helping me with hardware problems. This book, unlike the assembly manual has better, clearer illustrations all with part numbers and sizes. The lines and vantage points are easier to follow. Great descriptions of the hardware show a 5/16” 8 TPI, 1/2” long hex head number 8 in stainless steel! Blunt tip 1/32” 1/4” , 12 TPI long Phillip/panhead sheet metal screws total - 8 total. Is tremendously better than the assembly manual description saying “panhead screws #8”

If you guys need any help on Corvettes hardware I’ll forgo any charges.