here's a few educational videos related to cams and related info


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the more info you have and the wider your knowledge base is the better your decisions tend to be!
you certainly don't need to take a single video a gospel,
but as stated the more varied and detailed the info you know of ,the better off
you'll be!
its best to carefully test and verify rather than take a single source as gospel but
experience matters
and a skilled machinist is a
friend well worth having (as is having a few gear head friends)
on this web site you'll find you'll NEED TOO get used to reading links,
in that process you'll learn a great deal, this is never a cheap hobby, but its a whole lot more expensive,
if you have to buy replacement parts if you don't do things correctly the first time,
and use the best parts you can afford, and understand your personal limitations,
and exactly what you can expect from the choices you make.

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yeah some of you think its a waste of time and a P.I.T.A, to watch videos and read a ton of linked info....
that attitude tends to have you watching the rear bumper of the car near you as you cars going through the lights at the end of the 1/4 mile track compared to the people that suffer through watching and reading and learning little bits of data , and simple tips on engine assembly and tuning you ignore!



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