how many people own a M1 carbine, sks, or similar carbine


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do you now or have you ever owned a M1 carbine?
when I was growing up,

owning one was about as common as owning a hammer, every one owned one!
any of these carbines are very effective home defense or hunting carbines,
and certainly far easier to hit with in rather unpracticed hands .

in fact even some of the gals I dated , back in the late 1960s owned one, as did
their brothers and fathers,
so they were very common. you could buy m1 carbine ammo in bulk back then rather cheaply.

most people preferred , to use the 15 shot magazines as they were considered to be more dependable.
many people I know used them for hunting deer, a job for which its well suited,

IF your a good shot who understands its best used at ranges UNDER 100 yards
any of these carbines make excellent home defense carbines with soft point ammo


when RUGER came out with a carbine in 44 mag it was designed to look a bit similar to the M1 carbine but it was targeted to the deer hunter crowd, and it was for a time very well received as a 44 mag cartridge was much better for 100 yard deer hunting
but it had an under barrel tube magazine not a detachable box mag.


when THE SKS carbines came out they sold for under $150 and I know many people purchased these as the M1 carbines were no longer easy to find or nearly as cheap.

while I like the M1 and SKS I don't like them nearly as well as the NORINKO SPORTER CARBINES LIKE THIS PICTURED BELOW

while I like the M1 carbine and SKS and have owned both , in the past ,I don't own either now.
I don't like them nearly as well as the NORINKO SPORTER CARBINES LIKE THIS PICTURED BELOW
in the class of carbines I vastly prefer the Norinko, not nearly as much nostalgia, and certainly not AMERICAN military surplus
but it is certainly, in its forged receiver versions,
a very functional carbine and in my opinion superior in all uses.
I picked one up and regret not buying a dozen if those norinko carbines when they were dirt cheap.


these sporter carbines come with (2) 5 cartridge magazines ,
but will accept the standard 30 cartridge AK mags
I vastly prefer the 5 shot cartridge
for hunting its been my experience that the 44 mag and 7.62/39 cartridge ,
both have a
marginal power advantage over the 30 carbine M1 carbine.

The edge as far as power goes to the 44 Mag - according to the data I have it is far more than just an edge!

The Hornady manual lists a top load for the 30 Carbine :

100 gr. SJ (short jacket) @ 2200 fps
110 gr. RN/FMJ-RN @ 2000 fps

An 18" Ruger Carbine 44 Mag:

200 gr. HP/XTP @2100 fps
240 gr. HP/XTP @ 1900 fps
265 gr. FP @ 1700 fps
300 gr. HP/XTP @ 1550 fps

the 20" NORINCO 7.62/39 carbine
pushes a 123 grain bullet to 2350 fps rather easily

now the power or energy can be calculated
the bullet weight times the velocity x the velocity divided by 450240- ft lbs of energy at the muzzle

roughly 1500 for the 7.62/39
roughly 1000 for the 30 carbine
roughly 1700 for the 44 mag carbine

not the 44 mag has a potentially heavier projectile and in my experience is the better hunting option,
but its limited with its 5 shot mag capacity
the 30 carbine and norinco sporter,

both have 15 and 30 shot mags easily available:like:
but the 7.62/39 is my opinion the better defensive carbine option.

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