I was amazed at the utter lack of recognition of the name


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I was trying to teach a young guy how to shoot a bolt action 22LR rifle and he was having trouble,
he kept suggesting he would do better with a semi auto,
I suggested he learn the basics of using the rifle sights and increase his skills and consistency....
after awhile I said, look if ALVIN YORK could take out a couple dozen men,
with several armed with machineguns and capture 132 men while fighting against the KIASERS WWI German army,

due to their eventual recognition that he was killing them like flys with a bolt action rifle ,
its not the rifle.. its your ability to use it rapidly, accurately and effectively that maters!

he turns to me and asked

to me thats like asking who was audie murphy
(he did not know who that was either.... )
"damn I don't think they teach history"


Audie Murphy

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The public schools do not teach, they earn money for the amount of students who show up.

Last week I was in a Large University City and was talking to a Junior at the University who said she was learning about the Civil War. She had no idea what it was and even her parents had never metioned it in.her 22 years of life.

One day soon History will repeat it's self.