Id put this AR 15 accessory the wasted cash column


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anytime your new toy...accessory may allow you to just piss away ammo with far less than precise accuracy,
IN my opinion, any skilled and knowledgeable firearms owner can find a better use for his time and money,
it's just wasted cash, most likely something you'll regret buying, a gimmick that's going to cost you wasted cash to buy then,
install and a much larger amount of wasted cash on ammo, that you used to do little more than make noise and piss away cash.
that and its going to get you thrown off of most gun ranges in minutes
Loss of gun control wether holding or use of bipod.
Wouldn't last long if used regularly, I M H O.
I had a bump fire stock on my AR and AK a lot of people used to come up the farm to shoot so they were a lot of fun and at the time I didn't really care about ammo it was cheap and I bought a lot and a lot more but the novelty wore off and I never used them after a while but there was no control at all after about 3 rounds the muzzle rise took over and as much as I shot them I could never control them