just starting out to learn gun safety


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Grumpy I want to buy my first gun,
it will be used to just learn gun safety and shoot a few cans or paper targets,
and I have done some research, and feel a 22lr is about what I'm looking for, any suggestions?

I wish more people understood that the 22 rimfire is an excellent starting point and useful trainer.
I will post a few links to higher quality firearms that will last you a lifetime below.
yes they cost a bit more but will last a lifetime for most people, and are well worth the investment.
one problem many new owners have is dealing with low quality and inaccurate guns ,
that are cheaper but not dependable or reasonably accurate.
you might want to call a few local ranges and see if they have similar guns USED in good condition for sale,
as these guns won't wear out in many years of use , A LIFE TIME IN MOST HOMES if properly maintained
most states offer hunter safety courses for very low cost
ID strongly suggest you attend as a new gun owner

Ive found both of these handguns to be helpful and useful in training my sons ,
when I was first teaching them to handle firearms safely

these rifles are also good quality



The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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I got asked why I suggested rather expensive firearms?
well it has to do with dependability , accuracy and potential RESALE VALUE
if you buy some cheap crap quality firearm, youll be lucky to resell it later for 30%-50% of the original cost
but if you buy a decent quality gun it retains value , especially if properly maintained and if held over time
I know that the guns I've purchased in years past are now routinely selling USED for considerably more than I paid originally
even guns like a marlin 39a 22lr lever action, a S&W 357 mag, or a ruger 44 mag, or a S&W 617 22lr revolver are now selling for 2-3 times the original cost,
but if you bought some crap quality gun, your very unlikely to get anywhere near what you paid a dozen year later
even a rather common gun like a marlin 30/30, or savage lever action that commonly sold for $200-$350 15 years ago brings two or three times that if it was maintained in great condition, and some guns are selling at far more that original list price if you can even find one