Need A Rebuild After The Cam Failed


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I will describe it a little better then in the wrong forum place.

The easiest is just to swap the cam or buy another engine, but what would I do with the things I've got to reduce the miss=match pancake I have.

Car is to heavy, gear is to high, stall too low, heads to big.

Car: impala 63, th350 (2500stall), 10bolt 3.08 or 3.33 rear end, 22" tires, headers and 2.5 free flowing exhaust.

Engine: 327, (from start a 350)
570 street avenger
Wieand dual plane intake 8150
Pro topline heads 64cc 235cc
Forged dome pistons
9.5 comp
Comp cam 12-705-8 solid roller
255/255 duration
575/575 lift
110 lsa

I've bin running this engine for the last 3 years and one roller broke and toke the cam down the drain.

So now i can maybe build the engine to match the car setup. Drive it around 1700-3500rpm street & highway and now and then give it full throttle.

How would you do it.
And yeah, now my car budget is $1000

the heads are too large but thats not the major issue, the failed cam was WAAAAY to big for the compression and application,
you would have much better results with a cam like this crower hydraulic roller linked below, in that 1963 chevy impala, with a 350 or a 327

a 3000 stall converter and ideally a 3.73:1 rear gear,
would help and swapping to a over drive trans like a 200 4r would help a great deal,
no it won't sound as radical, but it will be faster and easier to drive,
given the budget ID go with the cam/lifters and converter and save for the rear gear swap and trans upgrade.
have you considered a 383 build ? the extra displacement and a minor upgrade in cam, would be very helpful

a 200 r4 will basically be much easier to swap to from a th350, the large port heads will not be nearly as much of an issue as you might think.

have you considered swapping to a BBC engine, a very mildly modified 454 would do amazing things to the cars performance,
and most likely at lower cost than rebuilding the current combo with parts required,
especially if you can find a donor car/truck.motor home
\ about 50 years ago, I had a 1965 LEMANS
that needed a transplant
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He said his car budget now is $1000.00.
A Comp Cans Roller Lifter Exploded apart.
Same has happened to hundreds of Pontiac V8 Guys with Comp Cams.
Entire Shortblock is done garbage now Grumpy.
I would have told him to find a 396, 402, 427, 454 Big Chevy
Drop it in stock if it's a good known runner. Maybe find $1000 cash but not likely.
Really no good reason to get rid of a Turbo 350.
Zinc from Digital Corvette it was his Favorite Transmission to Drive and Street Race with.
Turbo 400 or Muncie 4 speed my pick.
Take anything you can dish out bone stock up to 550 Hp.
yes your correct, Id have gone BBC also
I am A Fan of using as little Cam duration on the street for driving duties on pump gas.
Like the Crower Cam pick by you.
7000+ rpm the cam duration Needs to 240, 254, 260 @.050" depending upon the engine, cylinder heads, crankshaft stroke.