New Little Tool That Hurts


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I got this thing, it looks like a cheap marker, but it’s not. It’s a micro sander, a sort of pinpoint abrasive cleaner thing-a-mabob if you will. It’s great! Works better than I thought it would. If you don’t look closely it looks like a tiny White eraser but actually it’s a 1/8” tight little bundle of fiberglass strands that can clean a very small rust spot or corrosion spot without enlarging the initial problem. Great for cleaning electrical contacts, improving the visibility of a part number of something, ect ect.
I was sitting in my chair in the house, detailing some Corvette emblems - came out fan-tastic!
Now today I’m feeling like a Voodoo doll. Irritating needles and pins sticking me around my hands and arms. It didn’t occur to me I was getting some of that fiberglass on me. I know from when you are exposed to fiberglass work on a Corvette for instance, it’s helpful to a rinse off with a cold shower after to close your skin’s pores and wash away the fibers - apparently that didn’t work.