SELECTING 223 rem vs 7.62 x39 vs 308 win IN YOUR BASIC DEFENSIVE RIFLE

First unless you planing on a Post WW3 surviving I cannot see anyone claiming self defense on an attacker that is not closer than 15 feet, hard to claim they can harm you unless they are armed and firing at you, with either a hand gun or rifle.

I personally will not really care to life in a post WW3 world, so I plan on problems lesser than that.

I only plan on a in home or close personal attack, like a parking gerarge or my drive way or on a street.

Thus a small concealed hand gun and for home defense I have a M1 Carbin mounted in a Muzzlelite stock which makes it a nice short legal Bullpup Rifle. With a long magazine of 30 rounds, a fore stock LED Flash light and a Barrel mounter target laser, and scope it is a do any thing rifle.

Granted a 30Cal rifle is a tad under powered but the 30 rounds can make up for that I believe. They have a great rep for reliability, old story is Drop in mud wash out in stream keep firing all day.



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thats certainly an interesting option for an m1 carbine

Yes and also I understand it as the Rifle is still its self stock with a full sized barrel so it is not a cut off thus it is legal.

One of the problems with a long gun is it is a long lever for a bad gun to take it from you. This style lowers that likely hood a lot.

Recoil is also lower and even a little more thanks to the M2 Deflector. I also have a M2 Magazine holder/release, and bolt.

One feature of a AR15/16 is their bold holding open after last round spent trick, I wish this had that, with a M1 the bolt closes on last round so to charge it you need to pull the bolt back...a split second delay which I hope to never need. The AR15 is held open so a slap of its release drops the bolt charging the chamber. Also the M1 does not just drop its magazine, you need to remove it, another split second delay...

The little button under the trigger guard allows me to control the flash light and laser sight with my second finger...I can flash them or lock them on.

The switches in front of the trigger guard in the fore-stock allow me to select flash light, or Laser or both. And the removable plate holds the batteries for both and is easy to replace with AAs.

The M1 Garand is a great rifle, BUT heavy, and NOT magazine fed it only holds some 8 rounds, which is reloaded by ramming the next set into the container under the bolt.

Also it tells everyone when it is empty with aloud clang, not that many remember how enemy fighter would attack when they heard that sound while our guys were reloading...of course some cleaver GI Joe's got a clicker to sucker them into attacking...

And it is a LONG rifle, which means in a home defence a LOT of gun sticks out in front or you and gives the bad guy a LOT of leverage to just rip it out of your hands, and last even if you hang one there is no room to swing it around in a norma sized bed room.

My tight short Bullpup has almost none of those problems.

And with 30 rounds of .30 caliber I am well packing....

A Bullpup, any Bullpup is the best urban weapon.

My 2 cents worth.


while you might not agree, the military style rifles tend to be some of the more durable and dependable options you have available,
and while typically not the most precisely accurate , most are far more consistently accurate,
than many shooters can master to the point the gun itself limits its effective range or use!
rifles like a decent 20"-24" heavy barrel AR 15, or a semi auto clone of a ,M1A1, H&K G3 or FAL tend to be very consistently lethal in well trained hands out to well past 400 yards.
and depending on ammo selected most will be very effective (if heavy) hunting firearms,
you can depend on for many decades , to perform well and consistently.
and there is zero debate on the fact the 7.62/51mm (308 win ) cartridge has much better range and penetration than the 223 rem or 7.62-39 cartridge, use of a 308 cartridge battle rifle easily extends the rifles potential range by more than 300 yards over a 223 or 7.62-38 in SKILLED HANDS
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