should you replace all 6 u-joints ?


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"grumpys my 1981 vettes rear right outside u-joint just started squeaking I took it apart and its trashed, should I be replacing the others or is this most likely just an isolated parts failure?"
IF this is the original u-joints that your corvettes still running original u-joints chances of being in good condition, are nil, and chances are excellent they all are long past the time where replacement is advisable!, in fact I rarely have u-joints last more than a few years on a real high performance application or over about 10-12 years on a daily driver.

read thru this link and sub links ABOVE
its going to help you immensely to have access too a good hydraulic press, many machine shops charge at least $10-$20 EACH to remove and replace a u-joint plus the cost of each u-joint so it doesn,t take long to justify a press purchase when the press can only cost near that amount when your replacing 6 u-joints.

you can expect to replace all 6 u-joints if one has failed, after all they have all rotated for a similar time frame, and while the rear half shaft u-joints wear faster in most cases they will all show wear if ones reached its failure point.

try not to by import u-joints as the quality is suspect in most cases
Obviously having a digital or dial caliper will also be useful to verify what u-joints you need and bringing the old u-joints to the shop to compare them before purchasing replacements might be wise!

dcp2.jpg ... /CORVETTE/

if you ever get quoted the cost to replace ball joints you might want to sit down before opening the quote,
the procedures not hard but most dealerships quote absurd prices for labor and parts
check the internet for videos and you may be amazed at how easy it is to replace ball joints in most cars

shop carefully
and only buy name brand components

quality ball joints rarely cost over $60 each and usually much less ,
you can buy the tools and the two or more ball joints,
and do the repairs on jack stands in your garage,
or driveway and still pay less than 1/3rd of what a dealership quoted


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2014 Chrysler 300c,2014,300,5.7l+v8,3305713,suspension,ball+joint,10070



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honestly I have no idea why most guys don,t purchase a 20 ton hydraulic press, one of the local guys mentioned his 1986 corvette needed to have his u-joints replaced and the local dealership wanted over $400 to do all six on the corvette, they told him if ones shot, they are all likely to be in need of replacing, and I have to concur with that simply because the corvette in question has 120K miles on it and the owner has no idea if any of the u-joints have ever been replaced, he knew he had never replaced any in the 67K miles and 14 years, hes owned the car
be aware of the quality of the components you select, there are several merchants that advertise a great deal based on lower prices,
who generally deal in the lower and mid range quality products,
and their goal seems too be a low price volume discount supply house.
now Ive seen a few good deals, over the years but keep in mind,
youll generally find discount price parts, use lower quality components or,
less extensive precision machine work, or imported components or a combination of those factors to reduce price.
now I'm not picking on the lower price parts suppliers, they certainly have a place in the economy and hobby.
I use rockauto and advanced auto, walmart and several other suppliers,
if I need too ,but I generally know the parts and use name brands not cheaper import clones.
remember thats frequently a very noticeable difference in quality, in similar components,
you may pay more for name brand parts and at times the higher cost is not justified in my opinion,
but many of the better known brands do tend to have better quality control and R&D
I would suggest you do research and avoid using the lowest cost import parts like bearings, brakes, and suspension parts ,
as Ive seen horrendous quality control on some import component examples

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I suggested he purchase the 6 required , MOGG OR AC DELCO $15 u-joints and if he was willing to help work on his own car and willing to buy lunch, Id put the car up on my lift and we could replace all the u-joints for not a great deal more than the u-joints cost saving him at least $200-$300 less from the price local dealership quoted him

(thats more than enough to pay for purchase of the required press and still save appreciably on the repair job)

so I figure buying me a sub sandwich and a 6 pack of beer, and him learning whats required and getting the experience, is not going to break the bank, or hurt him a bit.
he gets the car repairs made, learns a new skill and saves a great deal of time and money.


I have to point out that the u-joints with internal grease fittings tend to be demonstrably weaker and that most guys who install them , rarely if ever take the effort to grease them, most of the performance u-joints are the non-grease-able permanently lubed designs,1041398,drivetrain,universal+joint,2392




C3 C4 Corvette 1968-1996 Driveshaft / Axle Shaft U-Joints
Part Number:14609

remember a c4 corvette has two half shafts off the rear differential and the main drive shaft (6 u-joints)

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