sources for hard to locate KENT MOORE TOOLS & related info


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the secret of diagnosing most auto related problems lies in careful observation,
and applying logic, knowing HOW the part or component or system is SUPPOSED to function,
and then carefully observing HOW it is or is not currently functioning.
and logically deducing, the reason for any differences,
and potential reasons for that observed difference.
this can and frequently will require tools like meters,
timing lights, vacuum gauges, pressure gauges
and measuring tools like ,dial calipers, but careful observation is critical.
tools like drill presses, clamps, gear pullers,welders, floor jacks, mechanics hand tools,
feeler gauges, multi-meters, etc. will all be helpful at times
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The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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tools needed to rebuild a 4l80e transmission listed in the manual

j-8763-B case holder tool
j-38655-Holding fixture adapter used with j-8763-B

j-8001-dial indictor set
j-25025-B Dial indictor stand & guide pin set caps
j-38789 -pump removal tool
j-38358-A -forward clutch housing tool
j-38868-A -output shaft assembley remover & installer
j-21363 -lip seal protector
j-35138- universal converter end play checker
j-38729 -over run piston seal protetor
j-21368 -alignment band
j-38693 -oil pump seal installer
j-21370-10 -gauge pin
j-26700-13 -dial indicator base magnet
j-23327 clutch spring compressor
j-25018-A -A/T clutch spring compressor adapter
j-21362 -lip seal protector
j-21409 -lip seal protector
j-23093 -center support alignmet tool
j-38731 -piston seal protector set 3 pieces
j-38732 -forward clutch seal protectors
j-38733-A -direct clutch assembly remover & installer
j-38735 -center support seal installer/sizer
j-38736 -Six piece turbine shaft seal installer/sizer set
j-38737 -band apply pin checking tool. Used with J-21370-10
j-38739 -pump seal installer/sizer

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solid fixture here in the forum
Much of the Geartrain is the same as a TH400.
I found Snap On Bluepoint lip seal install protectors for a TH400 and bought.
May work on a 4L80E.
Have to check my TH400 Kent Moore tool part number list.

From what I gathered Grumpy the Transgo vacuum modulator kit for the 4L80e works Ok.
Its still best to use electronic computer shift as it was designed for.
Or the lightswitch method Turbo Phil showed us is the past.
Configured in a Hurst Lightning Rod layout would be awesome.

My goal is just 1/4 mile.
Beat Dodge BBC in a C4 Vette.
Budget & my past experience dictates TH400 for me is best fit.

Should have kept the 2 4L80e transmissions I had.
Gave them away years ago.