there's a new 400 legend cartridge


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this cartridge makes a great deal more sense than the 350 legend in my opinion
especially if your trying to maximize the ar15 hunting potential,
and defensive stopping potential, out to maybe 200 yards and
especially if your limited to a strait wall cartridge in your state for hunting deer/hogs etc,
and you prefer the ar 15 platform. both the 350 and 400 legend cartridge's have a great deal of potential,
but the 350 uses a modified 223 case, the 400 uses a significantly larger 6.8 spc cartridge case
keep in mind easily 80% plus of all game is shot at ranges under 200 yards
sight in at 3.5" high at 100 yards with a 180 grain bullet, and you'll be close to 5" low at 200 yards and still packing 1100-1250 ft lbs,
or more depending on the barrel length and powder used,
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in an AR15 platform, its very hard to beat the 400 legend
cartridges ballistics , for typical deer hunting use,

, well over 1100 ft lbs at 200 yards and less than 5" drop,at 200 yards
with a 175 -180 grain if sighted in at 3.5" high at 100 yards
an AR15/400 legend so chambered would be
a significant improvement over the typical 30/30 lever action
certainly a 16"-20" barrel 400 legend, AR15 clone, would be a very effective option


  • Similar energy to .450 Bushmaster with 20 percent less recoil
  • 20 percent more energy than .30-30 Winchester
  • 25 percent more energy than .350 Legend, with greater penetration
  • 100 percent more energy than a 12-gauge slug at 100 yards, with 55 percent less recoil
  • .400 Legend offers 700 more foot-pounds of energy at 200 yards than the .223 Remington
  • .400 Legend Max Range: 300 yards on deer-sized game; 200 yards on larger game like elk, bears and large hogs

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