these liberal have an insane desire to remove all your gun/personal defense rights

the U.S. constitution, by its design,
LIMITS government overreach on citizens rights

text of second amendment
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

text of 14th amendment
No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
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I found this info posted below, posted else ware,
and think it might be worth everyone time and effort to complain about the political LEFT,
trying hard to remove any reference to firearm ownership and all opposing view points,
to the political left's desire to disarm as much of the population as they can in ever increasing incremental steps

I opened a Youtube tab, clicked on "Send Feedback" at the bottom of the list on the left hand side, and sent this note:

I have become aware that Youtube is changing the "policies" regarding firearms video content to ban videos containing content on servicing firearms and home hobbyists hand-loading and reloading ammunition. These are legal, legitimate hobbies which millions of law-abiding citizens, and potential Youtube customers, ethically and morally engage in on a daily basis. The new "policies" are offensive and, if Youtube continues with this course of action, I will be lobbying my legislators to declare Youtube a Public Utility and regulate it accordingly, cease using the Youtube utility, and encourage all my contacts to do the same.
And I will too. Screw 'em.

I threw in "offensive" because that tends to get attention and I KNOW that throwing in the threat of regulation gets their attention. It's not just an idle threat. I will send letters to my Senators and Congressional Reps requesting they declare yootoob a "Public Utility." I've had it with ceding ground to people who aren't interested in fair and even discourse, want to shut down opposing voices and de-platform them, "otherise" and run unethical smear campaigns. We've been told many times that this is a "Culture War." OK, well it's time to start acting like we're in a war. We thought that Vietnam was a "Police Action" and helping out a friendly nation, while the North Vietnamese and Chinese treated it like a war. In a "war" sometimes you have to use scorched earth and area denial. If you have to retreat or cede ground, you DON'T leave usable materials behind. If you have to escape, frigg'n blow the ammo dump and poison the food. That's what would happen if yootoob were regulated as a "Public Utility." It makes it unusable for either side. ...which is better than making it unusable for us and a gold-mine for the anti-freedom SJW's. Screw 'em. Poison the well.

Peace favor your sword,
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the american people are used to guns they been in their society for a verry long time and people wouldnt feel save without them , i think there right when they say that the only people left with firearms are the ones with ill intent
that said i allso think that not having a firearm in the house will reduce the chance of little 6yo charly finding a gun on the nightstand having just seen the terminator or whatever movie and starts waving the gun around accidentily shooting himself in the foot or worse
for every smart and save person there's an idiot and it basicly saver not to have things that potentiallly can kill people in the hands of idiots , funnily enough those are usually the ones that say : "you can take it out of my cold death hands "

over here the amount of guns are drasticly lower , guns are only worn in public by law inforcement and military (and only those not in public are loaded ) they are the only ones alowed to wear them outside of a gun club , everyone else wearing or yielding a firearm in public is basicly breaking the law and can be taken down for just that reason , i think overall we have about 80 gun related deaths in our country per year with a population of 17.53 million , the number is rising though because of drug related fights amongst usually non dutch criminals invading and using our country for production and distribution
you can own a firearm for sports the rules are pretty strict , you need to be invited by another member , you get screened by the dutch version of the fbi and they come look inside youre house , checking the storage for youre guns that you dont have a criminal record and stuff like that , then youre allowed to buy a gun and keep it either at youre house in a safe seperate from the ammo or in a locker at the gun club , youre only allowed to transport it in the truck of youre car and inside a lockbox and can only transport it from youre home to the car and from youre car to the gun club in a see through bag
using the gun even inside of you're home when someone is coming for you with a sharp or heavy object with intent to kill will land you in verry deep water with law inforcement
i still feel safer here than in the states and i only fired a gun twice once a small caliber at a gunclub and once shooting clay pigions with a shotgun , im inpressed with how they build these guns , not impressed with wat there used for though
obviously the cultures differ wildly, and how we perceive firearms as well.
normal average people just don't go around shooting each other,
I've carried a concealed handgun, legally almost every day for over 56 years, as have most of the adults I know.
I was brought up in a rural area, as were most of the people I've lived & worked with most of my life, and while the media likes to portray America as a lawless drug soaked cesspool, violent crime is really statistically its almost exclusively limited to the inner cities, and drug related crime, and the media counts in the statistics as GUN CRIME, fatalities caused by suicides (WELL OVER 1/2 the total)

and justified defensive shootings (cops shooting criminals or home owners shooting home invaders etc.(probably an added 5% so were up near 60%
where I grew up it was normal for most adult's to be armed, back in the 1950-1970s seeing a gun rack in a pick-up truck was almost mandatory as an accessory, now many of the adult males have under the pick-up seat locking gun cases, now most adults (yeah even many women carry concealed handguns ) and its fairly rare to hear about home invasions or armed robberies in rural areas. Hispanics and black gangs account for a high percentage of the remaining crime
look these over notice who shoots who

yes there's always a few crazies like the recent mass shooting in the Texas mall( A GUN FREE ZONE) where shoppers were not legally able to carry ) if the nut job tried that in most of Texas response would have very likely been very much more rapid and effective

I laugh at these reported results simply because I know almost everyone I know tells people that ask on surveys
HELL NO I DON'T OWN A GUN..... while they have one concealed in their belt or just behind the closet door, or a dozen in the gun safe at home, the government estimates theres at least 360 million privately owned firearms in America thats probably a LOW estimate


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a minor improvement halting enforcement until the courts can rule definitively
,unfortunately this injunction, is not county wide YET!
but at least it looks like their working on making the ATF's unconstitutional rule change,

that would make 30-40 MILLION current gun owners criminals, with-out the current legal injunction
halting enforcement, of a rule change some bureaucrats made without congressional approval or knowledge,
after 10 plus years of the parts being legal for sale all over the country
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IM glad to see there's more than one politician that understands the major issues we face,
and has a grasp on how to fix the current administrations failures,
and burning desire to negate, all your of the second amendment rights
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Constitution of the United States
second amendment TEXT
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

do yourself , AND MAINTAIN your kids future rights,
and the county a favor,
by joining GOA and FPC,
its money very well spent to preserve your 2nd amendment rights

both org. are fighting for your rights and deserve support!

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THE ATF... is looking at the probably about 1%-2% or less compliance,
its very obvious most people have concluded

registration is almost always just a prelude to confiscation,

the AR15 is like an erector set, or legos for adult gun enthusiasts
as uppers barrels, lowers, stocks, braces, handguards all interchange with ease.
keep in mind the ATF says there were between 3-7 million braces sold
but the manufacturer's of the AR15 collapsible stocks ,say they sold over 10-15 million
and pistol braces in dozens of configurations state that estimates STILL ABSURDLY LOW
and theres many PRINTER PROGRAMS, and import versions available for the do it your self crowd,
simply because you can easily interchange AR15 lowers and uppers
and short barrel uppers were sold without lowers in the millions
that can be matched to rifle or pistol lowers
and there were easily 30-40 million AR15 uppers, that could be easily converted or modified,
and short ar15 compatible barrels sold over the last 30 years
no one has a clue whats currently out in civilian hands or available



the ATF IS
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