Upgrading sbc 327 with crossram and efi

I've used the OFFY cross ram intakes with mildly modified 1984 crossfire throttle body injectors and with dual 500 cfm, and dual 600 cfm carbs,
both carbs and throttle body injection on the offy intake, required some tuning effort but both worked out very well.
BTW both worked out better once I raised the fuel pressure just a little bit over what the cars had originally.
be aware some distributors won't fit that intake
an adjustable fuel pressure regulator is useful as is having a fuel pressure gauge you can see while driving to help diagnose any issues that you have.



If an Offy cross ram intake would find its way to me, I would be intrigued as hell to figure out how to get past the obstacles and get it into my 84 C4. Reading through the thread, there is obviously a lot more to getting the most out of this modification than just bolting it on. But just out of curiosity, what are the distributors that could work with this intake as my setup is all stock/original?
Ive used several small base circle HEI, like

vertex magnetos