what are these heads??


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My step dad has a set of aluminum heads with a marking (the only marking) on the side that reads SN19849. I believe they are a wedge head, but not sure. The guy that built this motor said they was trick flow, but trick flows have predominant markings and longer serial numbers i thought. Plus the guy that put it together put it together wrong, so his word is not credible to me.




they are TRICKFLOW TWISTED WEDGE SBC HEADS and if they are in GOOD SHAPE MECHANICALLY, they have very efficient exhaust ports, and decent intake ports but they also in the early versions had a tendency to wear valve guides out
IM running them on my current corvette sbc 383 and while I freely admit to having rather extensive porting done to them, they are a very decent head that makes good hp/tq

the following from TFS tech support today.

G1: 180cc intake port, 64cc chambers, 13* intake / 23* exhaust valve
angles, "stepped" pushrod guideplates, Teflon seals, cast iron valveguides.

G2: 190cc intake port, 67cc chambers, 16* intake / 18* exhaust valve
angles, "flat" pushrod guideplates, Viton rubber valve seals, powdered metal (Or optional manganese bronze) valve guides.

Both versions have 2.02"/1.60" valves. However, The G1 heads use a set of shorter (Intake is 4.450", Exhaust is 4.750" long) than stock valves. Stock length is 4.910" .... The G2 heads use a set of valves that are .050" longer than stock valves (4.960" intake, 4.980" exhaust)

Cleaning up the bowls & polishing the chambers / ports is always a good idea. Do not remove the swirl vane in the intake port as you will be givng up alot of power due to reduced homogenization of the incoming air / fuel mixture. You can smooth & blend the vane into the port some, But do not remove

ARP 3/8" Rocker Studs
TFS 31400510 1.5 Roller Rockers
TFS 31400623 Guide Plates
TFS 21407800 7.800 ChromeMoly Push Rods
TFS 51400413 1.47 Single Valve Spring Set
TFS 51400434 Spring Cup Set
TFS 51400454 Viton Seals
TFS 31400424 Retainers
TFS 31500432 Spring Shims
Crane 99095-1 Split Locks

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