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Grumpy ,I took apart my brake calipers and lost all the caliper mounting bolt's,
now obviously I should be able to go to a dealer or NAPA and get a replacement bolt, or two,
the problem here, is the cars a t-bucket someone else built a couple decades ago,
I bought used and I have zero idea where. or what car or truck the calipers originally came from AND THE ORIGINAL OWNER DIED YEARS AGO,

IF you need to verify a bolt thread pitch, and size it helps to have the correct tools

Thread Checker tools are available from several sources, most experienced mechanics have several in a tool chest drawer


one of the most frequently used tools in most mechanics or car enthusiasts tool chest is a decent dial caliper


you should be able to get a rough idea on diameter and length by measuring accurately,
you could obviously take the caliper to your local hardware store and try a few grade #8 bolts IN SAE OR METRIC SIZES

one tip get a stainless wire basket
and place it where it won,t get kicked or spilled or scratch the car Finnish,
that basket can hold about 2 gallon capacity,
throw in a couple magnets,
as this tends to prevent the smaller parts from rolling around,
and yes you can throw all of your project bolts into the basket,
so its obvious where you put the fasteners and smaller parts,
BUT its also a good idea to put parts in labeled zip loc bags,
with a 3" x 5" card with a brief description of the part the bolts came from and use an indelible marker/sharpie




as you disassemble components with a label,
like water pump
oil pan
door hinge
accessory bracket,
dash /radio
dash air conditioner bracket
this marginal extra time taken labeling and bagging fasteners can save you a great deal of problems later on
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I use more calipers ziplock bags and sharpies than I can count I put 90% of a Corvette in ziplock bags I keep my sorted brass in them and speaking of brass Im going to make some more today hopefully I loaded up a ton of 10mm with Blue Dot and 2400 I tried 155, 165,and 180 gr. hollow points after I make a test run I might buy the shellholder for my progressive press in 10mmI have defiantly found my new favorite caliber