you're screwed if you let clueless politicians that know nearly zero on the subjects make laws


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honestly many of the left wing political elite are totally clueless,
they want civilian firearms outlawed and operate on a screw the constitution

moms demand action , IS pissed off because trial found someone with a gun innocent,
and within his rights of self defence
watch video all the way through
to the left political wing, the constitution, trial results they don't like,
truth and facts are just a P.I.T.A.
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a good example ,
Canadians let the liberal government,
push the laws to the point your GUILTY if you defend yourself,
keep in mind the last thing the liberal government will condone is individuals having the right to self defense
as the government wants total control and individuals being armed, and defending themselves is not in that game plan
the liberal government concern of keeping a subject/civilian from harm by the criminal elements, is low on the priority list,
and they are pushing constantly for confiscation of the vast majority of firearms
or trying to greatly reduce any chance to buy or replace your firearms
the ATF now wants to make it far more difficult to buy , assemble or sell firearms or components
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"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
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as usual, if the politically left wing elite ,can't win through lies and half truths, they try to ignore the constitution
using any and every tragedy, to promote the idea of ever increased civilian disarmament
and force their goals regardless of the country's laws, court's decisions or other legal restraints
the simple act of questioning their goals, or pointing out illegal actions, such as keeping records on illegal surveillance,
of U.S. citizens, and keeping records on political contribution's, or membership in any group supporting civilian firearm ownership,
or preventing the illegal documenting and registering of gun owners
,brands anyone, preventing them doing so, as a "TERRORIST"

theres an old JOKE that unfortunately is mostly TRUE

every politician deserves TWO TERMS,
one in office one in PRISON

the liberal left loves to use, and demand use,
of specific definitions to guide any discussion to a pre-ordained conclusion

senator cruz , pointing out the insanity of appointing the potential liberal judge nominee that's been suggested
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new yorks 9th circuit court (grasping at non-existent "STRAWS")
to justify increased gun control.
relies on a non-existent "law" and uses it to justify,
and makes a law and justified that law on false info,
on a "law" that was NEVER actually enacted ,
nor in place, nor ever enacted in reality

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restricting the rights of the vast majority of law abiding citizens
just empowers the criminals who have no intention of following any laws
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since the dems have lost several recent gun registration & confiscation schemes' in court cases recently,
now they want to totally repeal the second amendment and outlaw civilian arms ownership
(you can't mandate everything in the country, to fit the WOKE /LIBERAL fantasy ,
if you allow citizens to remain armed and have any means of resisting government goals

like outlawing private property, mandating only electric cars, no rural homes, total control of all monetary transactions,
and taxing , & regulating people excessively they don't approve of like corporations that make a profit,
or people growing their own food.(or anyone daring to point out officials taking bribes)
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