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there's few tools in a decent mechanics tool chest, that come in as handy at times as a selection of carbide burrs carbide cut off wheels and a couple DIE GRINDERS
cleaning up less than ideal welds, pocket porting heads, cutting off various components , are all well within the tools reach

remember die grinding burrs come in several shank sizes 1/8", 1/4" are fairly common but obviously youll need the size matching your die grinders



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doing a pocket port work on cylinder heads, with an air die grinder,and carbide burr, can increase flow and result in better power PROVIDED you understand what your doing and remember the object is NOT to remove material but to smooth transitions and edges and remove restrictions but just try not to get carried away and be careful and remember to mark and replace the valves in their original locations
its really frustrating to use a compressor that won,t allow you to use the tool until the pressure builds back up so having a decent size compressor, and a place to sit and work comfortably at a desk helped, as does dipping the burrs frequently in WD40 to reduce the metal they tend to pick up at times in the cutter flutes
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any time your working around power tools especially cutting tools a face shield is a good idea, cutting discs on die grinders and similar tools can shatter UN-expectedly with painful results ... mber=99698

this model die grinder is surprisingly good quality for a disposable throw away die grinder,and usually last for more than two cylinder heads, its a true bargain, if it lasts only for two! don,t even think about use of the hard stone grinding bits they shatter and are cheap crap, get real carbide burrs

btw CYLINDER HEAD HOLDERS can be welded up from most guys metal shop scrap with some imagination, that make port work far easier
or you can buy them cheaply ... fbb8a1ebea

naturally if you want to take the effort custom cylinder head holders can be designed for adjustable angles

BUY & WEAR THE MANDATORY SAFETY GOGGLES, and face shield as tiny bits of crap get to flying around at times ... mber=66538 ... mber=46526
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if you think a dremel works ok....
you may be amazed at what a decent die grinder will do ... 99698.html


SKIPPING OVER THE SUB LINKS IS A VERY BAD IDEA ... 93389.html ... -steel/zip ... 96550.html ... 47077.html

10 discs and the tool for about $20 and they work reasonably well for whats basically a throw away tool

btw these are a really handy tools
I usually buy 50-60 discs and two tools when I visit the local HF store because they come in very handy at times the tools easily last for a few months of occasional use in the shop making them one of the few good values you get in cheap tools ... 95028.html
THIS IS THE ONE I PURCHASED AND I RECOMMEND IT, remember to change filter elements frequently and a couple quarts of water and a couple drops of dawn dish washing liquid in the water traps a great deal of dust in the lower body before it gets to the filter ... 5yc1vZbv79


If you need to remove surface rust, old sealant, from bolt threads, or paint and surface rust or just old caked grease, from most parts parts
a good soak in oil,a solvent bath, a stiff brush, and a bit of time with a drill or air powered 1/4" drive die grinder and a nylon abrasive brush will clean those right up, without changing any dimensions, you can remove paint, oil,rust and polish the surface very easily


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buy 3-4, of these 3" diam, 1/4" shaft nylon abrasive brushes, they work ok but they don,t last to long on some surfaces. they tend to shed micro bits of abrasive, during the polishing process, hence the need for the face shield
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the die grinders basically a use for a few weeks, and pitch in the dumpster tool,if you use it constantly for dozens of reasons like I do, but they last for long enough that they are a very good value in the shop ,I generally buy 2-3 at a time and can,t imagine not having access as they come in really handy.
BTW they come in 1/8" and 1/4" collet size the 1/8" is basically useless in most applications so be sure the brushes and die grinder shaft size you buy match

WEARING A FULL FACE SHIELD and having a 5-6hp shop vacuum set up to suck the vast majority of the debris from the porting work out of the air is going to help prevent some accidents and getting crap in your eyes
there are some good die grinders on the market, but these less expensive import versions, are a BARGAIN even if they only last for a few weeks or months,under constant use they do wear out in a few weeks or months (especially if you fail to used dry air and don,t bother to lube the tool.) because wet air and moisture tends to cause internal rust/corrosion over time. OBVIOUSLY dependent on the amount of use and abuse, I use mine almost constantly for cleaning and porting, de-burring etc.
but at under $20, I tend to look at them like sand paper,or spark plugs, its hardly worth bothering if it lasts a few weeks or months before the bushings start to wear noticeably

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