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good for HIM!
we need more guys like this business owner,
who refused to be robbed by scum ... nd_courts/
he should get a medal and be immune to any civil action by the scums lawyers
the military did some testing years ago and the best compromise shot size was #1 buck as it tended to place the most hits that would still penetrate deep enough to produce fatal wounds ,at the limited distances a shotgun is considered effective at (out to about 35 yards) but they still tended to order 00 buck, the truth is that after about 15-20 yards a shotgun lost a great deal of its effectiveness but inside of 20-25 yards it is extremely effective on soft targets
if you can find a rifled shot gun barrel it can use slugs, with much increased range and much better accuracy,

but you will find buckshot nearly useless, at all but point blank to about 15 yards range with a rifled barrel using buckshot
keep in mind most 12 ga fit 2 3/4" shells that throw 9 00 buck, or 12 00 buck depending on the loads
many 3" shells usually throws 12 00 buck, but the high velocity versions kicks harder and slows repeat accurate shots, theres also 15 pellet versions in 3" 12 ga (and 18 00 buck in the 10ga 3.5" cartridges)

remember were talking DEFENSIVE,
THUS LEGALLY no real DEFENSIVE use, inside your home or business past 20 yards, in most cases,
unless he's armed and has broken into / in your home,
t would be much more difficult to legally justify shooting at an (ATTACKER) past 5-10 yards, unless he's armed and in your home,
and at those ranges a 12 ga is devastating on soft targets, the fact that the guys killed made it out into the street strongly suggests he used duck loads, not buck shot, at 5-10 feet even heavy bird shots (#6-#4) is potentially very lethal with good shot placement, and a knowledge of anatomy
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Personally I think every state and municipality should have a castle law and a no retreat law.

Here in Mississsippi where I live, and I'm new to this area so I am not 100% certain, I know we have a castle law and two LEO's have told me if I see someone on the neighboring property and feel threatened I can take them out. I suppose I should check with an atty first.

From what I gather by watching the local news people who shoot trespassers tend not to be arrested here.
if your going to select a shotgun load select nothing smaller than #1 buckshot and 00 or 000 is probably better in that theres a greater chance of reaching the targets vitals, shot guns throw patterns, but depending on the loads used and the guns choke they can be as wide as about 1"-2" per 1 yard of distance, but commonly hold tighter groups, at common across the room ranges , groups of buckshot , probably hit in a group 4"-7" wide ... se-shotgun ... me-defense ... fense.html

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