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oil-extreme may have benefits , I doubt it hurts and it probably helps, Visard, states it helps, and he's seen test data, so its almost sure to be beneficial.
I've never seen it mentioned before.
Yeah looking at their website they don't seem to be social media nerds or marketing wizards (which is not necessarily a bad thing).
I also found some data from that guy (i think you postet that a while ago) 540RAT who ranks engine oils by engine wear with his extreme pressure torture tests, and he was full of praise, when it comes to oilextreme.

So, he switched to the super micro polished billet lifters from PPPC and the cam life went up to 40 races, which was an improvement since he could now go 450 miles between failures. But, that was still clearly unacceptable. Then later on, he started using “Oil Extreme Concentrate” as an additive to the 10W30 Brad Penn, and he’s never lost a lobe on a cam since. Adding the “Oil Extreme Concentrate” completely eliminated his premature wiped lobe cam failures. At the time of this writing, the motor had gone 70+ Races without issue, and was still doing fine. This “Oil Extreme Concentrate” is one additive that actually works as advertised, and makes low ranked oils far better than they were to begin with. And that is PRECISELY WHAT MY MOTOR OIL TEST DATA PREDICTED as well.

Here’s how. I also added “Oil Extreme Concentrate” to 10W30 Brad Penn, Penn Grade 1 semi-synthetic, as part of my motor oil “Dynamic Wear Testing Under Load” research. And with 2.0 OZ of “Oil Extreme Concentrate” added per qt, which is the amount intended for racing, its wear protection capability shot up by a BREATH TAKING 56%, to an amazing 111,061psi, which puts it in the INCREDIBLE wear protection category, and now ranks it a jaw dropping 26th out of 233 oils tested so far. So, it moved up a whopping 156 ranking positions, just by adding the “Oil Extreme Concentrate”. This totally accounts for the reason all his cam lobe failures were eliminated.

From what I understand it is based on a "overbased" modified and tweaked Calcium Petrolium Sulfonate complex - it's quite interesting an makes a lot of sense in my book.
Here is some read if you want to go down that rabbit hole:

thank you for posting more related info confirming the additives potential and use!

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