Most fugly looking Tbucket, what was he thinking?

Next to a rat rod, this has to win the cheap as shit award. I wonder if this guy knows what a block sander looks like. The center console looks like pieces of a wood pallet. I recognize the exclusive J C Whitney accessories. :eek:

FUGLY. But his state probably mandated that he cannot have open wheels.
Its Ok.
Not for me.
Looks like it was done on a set budget.
Then ran out of money.
It does have a rare transmission.
Buick Runs flow.
New York it is grandfathered if real T open wheels ok wood worker build can tell he took pride in the wood
Real period correct T's never had perfect bodies or seldom did.
Flat Head Ford V8.
An early Olds V8 303 - 394 ci.
Pontiac V8 287 - 389 -421.
Early Chrysler Hemi.
Small block Chevy & BBC done in late 60s to 1970s to present.
Everything is over restored today.
They never were perfect new.
Corvettes all had huge flaws.
Waved Hi at you all every single C3 ever built.
Not my cup of tea! He does have a few quality components, but certainly not worth $26,000.

What's up with that padding taped to the front axle? Pic 5 of 9.
It does address one big standing problem with T buckets but in a bad way.
Aerodynamics or lack of around the Big Rear wheels.
Dry lake racers all used skinny rear tires.
Salt flat racers too.

There was a C4 Corvette salt flat racer.
I remember he picked up 30 mph losing the fat tires.
Skinnies installed on all 4 corners.
Aerodynamics is for people that can’t build engines.
Enzio Ferrari
It starts at 80 mph.
At 140 mph Aero really comes to light.
Most old Musclecars lifted of front end became several hundred pounds lighter.
Unstable at best.

The 1970 Trans Am was the 1st American production car to use extensive Aero Mods.
Worked because it outhandled all Corvettes till 1984 model year.
You ever Crank a Harley to 110 -120 mph and have the handlebars Tank Slap its a wild Ride.
Just hang on and don't panic.
If you do your going down and going to die.
Happened to me.
Aerodynamics again.
Sport bike used to slow down from 150-160 mph highway runs at night lift body out of tuck like air break can feel significant speed loss with out using breaks. My audi liked having a spoiler over 110 it got floaty. Aero super important like Brian said a high speed. Never had the Tank slap but been at those speeds on Harley. That is where a Harley will beat the sportbike in straight line race up top will muscle through the high mph.