Need Help With Winchester '97


I have a 16Ga. Winchester Model 97 pump. The barrel has been chopped off to 24".

I have a new 30" barrel and I think I would like to install it on this gun. Is this something I can do myself or would I have to take it to a gunsmith ? I am mechanically inclined, have about any tool you could want and have built and raced cars all my life. I have had very little experience working on firearms.

Suggestions ?
I tried searching for this information before I posted but didn't find what I needed. Thanks for the pointers.

It sounds like I should be able to tackle that myself.

I'll put this on my "To Do" list. I'm in the middle of remodeling my office right now so I may not get to this project right away. Typically, anything that should take 10 mins. usually takes an hour or more. I'll post again after I give this a try.

Well, I finally got back around to this project.

I followed the instructions you sent and was able to remove the barrel assembly easily.

Now it looks like I need to remove the "extension". I find an "Adjusting sleeve lock screw", an "Adjusting sleeve lock", "Adjusting sleeve" and an "Extension" in the parts blow-up.

I have removed the adjusting sleeve lock screw but don't know how to proceed from here. The adjusting sleeve lock looks like it should come out but I can't remove it with my fingers and I didn't know if I should try to pry it out or dislocate it with a punch. I don't want to mar or break anything.

Any suggestions on how to proceed ?
ID try soaking it in a several drops of a 50%/50% mix of marvel mystery oil and liquid wrench and heating/cooling it a bit with a hair dryer several times then lightly tapping it with brass drift punch, chances are good its either lightly rusted or coated with crud


I finally got back to this project but it looks like I need a lot of hand holding.

I soaked the breech end of the barrel assembly in penetrating oil and I could remove the Adjusting Sleeve Lock Screw and the Adjusting Sleeve Lock easily. I was then able to unscrew and remove the Adjusting Sleeve.

Now I'm stuck again. From the parts blowup it appears that the barrel Extension (Part #5 in parts blowup) should unscrew from the Barrel (Part #1 in parts blowup). Well, if it does it is on there really tight. I can't unscrew it by hand. I used some wooden pads and clamped the Barrel in my vice, used another chunk of wood and hit it with a hammer trying to unscrew the Extension. Nothing moved. I'm not really sure that is how the Barrel and Extension come apart and I don't want to mar anything.

What do I need to do to remove the Extension from the Barrel ?

Id try



Id try soaking it in a 50% / 50% mix of MARVEL MYSTERY OIL AND ACETONE AS A SOLVENT/PENETRATING OIL for a few hours then giving it a few whacks with a plastic hammer a few times while letting it soak over night then use the freeze spray on the inner barrel as it should shrink enough as it contracts due to the rapid cooling to get loose

two strap wrenches and a plastic mallet might help

I am not a gunsmith but i happen to work with them sometime.
My advice is to bring it to a gunshop since they have the tools required.
You may need to have the barrel indexed, and the headspace checked(too loose and the case will split in the chamber.. too tight is also bad).
LEJ ZO6 said:
Am I correct in assuming these parts screw together ?

they do on most models , the advice to have a gunsmith look at it if its not easy to dis-assemble is valid, you don,t want to screw it up
Thanks, I still haven't had any luck getting it apart, even after following your recommendations.

I'll throw it in the truck and stop by the gun shop next chance I get.