ok all you rich guys need to kick in a few buck$.. otherwise I can't buy and complete this guys project


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no I really don't expect anyone to do this but it would be great:like:

now think how much satisfaction you'll get out of having me post a detailed thread,
of my step by step completing this guys project,
with what I think this projects screaming out for!
with a twin turbo, 477 -to-598 cubic inch big block,

ID use a tall deck block, 4.5" bore x 3.76"--to 4.25" stroke, and 6.5"-6.7" connecting rods in the engine
, with those 18 degree 457cc AFR BBC HEADS

a 4l80e trans and a custom dana 60 independent rear end,

with that drive train, & suspension,
a combo like that should easily make well over 1000 hp in a car that would weight less than about 2800 lbs:fingerscrossed:

honestly I see this guys project and I started thinking.... damn...all I need is some group of benefactors to donate a steady flow of cash,:praying:
I need to find someone who has a great deal of cash to spend to finance a project I could post,
detailed step by step posts on, featuring both the skill and use of tools and what can be accomplished,
by some old geezer with time and skills,
(but unfortunately no where near the personal cash flow required):sad::facepalm:

just paying the web site, upgrade expenses this month was a P.I.T.A.

and thats unfortunate because I always wanted car with the potential to do a 220mph top speed,
and 9 second quarter mile time slip

related thread info you might use if you have the cash to build something similar




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Sell the house and move into the shop, then you will have the $40,000 you need
to buy the project !
yeah the wife is sure to go that route quietly :facepalm: