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as many of you know I recently moved from Florida to Texas, 99% of my tools are still locked in (4) 16" ft long PACKRAT storage containers

IM, waiting for my new home and shop to be completed,
they charge me roughly $300 a month for each pod, or roughly $1200 a month to hold these pods in storage and as I have zero place to put my parts and tools etc. at my sons home or my new home site while its being built,
I decided to have a temporary storage shed built and placed at my sons home in the back yard.
I can't watch it at my new home location, while I live at my sons home.
I'm assured this whole project can be completed in under 60 days by the local shed contractor,
and having talked to several local people who had similar work done in under 2 months time I feel sure that's a reasonable estimate!
keep in mind this is simply a place to store tools and a car and tractor, I don't currently expect to wire it with fans, lights etc.
this expense is on going and to me annoying in that I have zero access to my automotive and engine diagnostic and engine building tools reloading equipment etc.
a temp metal 30 x 50 shed on a concrete pad , only roughly rather similar to this. pictured below, built on my sons property while not dirt cheap, at about $45K will allow me access to those tools and also leave my son with a place to park his car tractor etc, once I leave and go to my own property

while I can then unload the packrat pods and get access to my tools etc,
thats frustrating because it seems every week theres some minor project I know I could do if I had access to my TOOLS!!
Id like to assemble a reloading bench, now I figure Id build a bench along one end of the shed wall, a sheet of 3/4" plywood being 48"x 96" I can either have 3 8ft long 15.75" wide or two 23.9" wide bench shelves,
as you might know these really should be double thick if mounting a reload press as stress,
on the bench/desk/shelf top from the press function requires a solid stiff solidly supported surface.
I figure Ill use 4 ft tall front 4x4 posts vertically in the front every 6 feet and 8 ft tall 4x4 support posts in the rear spaced every 6 ft, as the taller rear supports allow over head shelves and overlap on the bench plywood or the ends of the horizontal plywood at about a 2 foot section where the 6 ft or 8 foot long sections of plywood are used to make the bench, screwed together while alternating seams in the plywood and using 2x4 boards under the plywood bolted and screwed to the 4x4 upright supports, if carefully done and with a L section extending out 8 feet at each end of the roughly 29 ft length this should be more than adequate to allow function of the reloading equipment and a shelf under the bench to allow lots of storage of various items and the rest of the temp garage will allow me to store my 1996 corvette, tractor and several thousand dollars in tools automotive parts etc I shipped while I wait on my main construction progress that appears currently may take well over a year more to complete.
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making slow but steady progress on the 30x50 concrete pad so far, that will be used to temporarily store tools etc at my sons home
while my homes built
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theres slow but steady progress made, on temporary 30ft x 50 ft storage shop 1500 sq feet,:like: I'm building on my sons property, while I plan and build a much better shop on my property, obviously hes not too upset as he gets a free garage shop in the process


its sure to take time but I want a 40ft x 80ft 3200 sq feet,:like: shop on my property,
that should be a bit more like or similar too, this picture posted
below on a much thicker concrete pad
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well what do you gentlemen have to say on my options, ideas, taking care of my tools or anything else, etc,

just about everything here in Texas is done far differently than it was done in FLA

building permits ,architects finding local contractors etc.
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roof rafter and wall height angles are deceptive due to camera angle both upper wall edges are at 12 ft and peak near 16 ft ON THE 30 ft deep x 50 FT wide shop.
so progress is slow but steady, so far its cost about $41K
this is about 1/2 the size of my previous shop and about 1/2 the size of the shop I hope to eventually build


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There's no water or electric connections in temp shop/ storage building at all so far
Im just pleased that I will be able to get access to my tools in the near future!
this is just temp storage room for my tools, auto parts, etc currently in storage, etc.
I figure its $41k well spent and gives my son a place to use after I move out or pass on,
remember I'm an older geezer at 74 , I'm still dealing with delays, medical issues,
on getting the two knees replaced/ surgery etc.
yeah I hope to have a good deal of the electrical in in the future.
as usual dealing with contractors is the usual P.I.T.A and they try to sup sub standard quality work & materials if they think they can, or assume you don't know the difference, but I have extensive knowledge and skills, so its more difficult to sneak low quality crap past me than
" joe average :facepalm: might be to B.S."

half these guys can't tell REBAR and 5000 PSI concrete from wet rope & RADISHES on their better days
luckily everyone (adults) in my family but me speaks at least semi fluent Spanish or fluent
Spanish, so I can get ideas across to some of the local contractors, who "CONVIENENTLY don't always understand English"
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if it was temp why didn’t you go with a pole barn and a crushed and compacted floor. They have a crushed stone that when a compacted is very stable and doesn’t move. You can always come back and pour a concrete floor.
the 45k includes the cost of the pad, that was about $18 k or roughly $12 a sq ft
I could sure use help finding a deal on USED,
or at least a good price on NEW heavy duty shelving for my new shop.

I had 10 of these 4 shelf, 90" wide 90" high and 24" deep shelfs,
in my old florida shop, and I foolishly sold the shelving,
because I really had no room or ability to ship and store it, while moving to texas
yeah I regret not finding a way to ship it now as prices seem to have trippled recently,
If you can suggest a source on similar used shelving please do so!


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hd listed the shelfs for $349 last month , now the price is $399
You need to find that warehouse liquidation company that is in East Texas. I forget their name but they sell commercial and industrial fixtures including heavy inventory shelving, lighting, office furniture, anything. There’s more than one but this one handles retail store structures. I’ll let you know or you can search your area too.
yeah. ive been looking, but so far prices listed are the same as new in home depot
and the condition in the photos makes the used racks look like no bargain so far/
I’m getting a temp, real temp shelter for my equipment - if it ever comes. I got this for $5/sq ft. 30’X 70’ 14’ high.
I installed some of the 4x4” knee wall so far. I was planning on using concrete barriers but they price jumped again. My tractor loader can lift 2450 lbs so these barriers weigh 1835 lbs.
The 30ft material can be installed by one man, rods as well. With one back wall, The tubes, fabric $11,365 includes the pricey $1,300 delivery from Pittsburgh PA. I’m nervous about the construction on time in the spring so this is my problem Valium.


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