thoughts on the best shotgun for home defense

We were talking about this in work last night. Lists for $650.El Diablo 12 ga
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those may be a lethal toy , at very close ranges,
but barrel length precludes any potential to provide a comparatively tight group or decent projectile velocity
but barrel length precludes any potential to provide a comparatively tight group or decent projectile velocity

Potential ????

They were made for a specific application. As are most hand guns and rifles. You would not take a 22 rim fire on an ELK hunt, But you
would be hard pressed to find a better squirrel rifle.

Best place for those gauge pistols would be under a poker table. Nowhere else.
yeah, I think, your right, it might be effective at 4-5 ft if aimed at some guys privates under a table:rolleyes::oops:
I know that we're talking about shotguns but my all the time nightstand gun is a Taurus Judge for my money there isnt a better nightstand gun for my house with 3 410 SD loads and 2 410 #4 shot or 2 45 Colt rounds or 5 SD rounds or any combo I like my chances plus there is always a 9mm G43 Glock and whatever comes off my belt that night lately a Glock G20 I just like that Glock 20 and find myself using it at the range and carrying more and more but I sure wish that I could find a 6 inch barrel for it so I can run cast loads because I'm running critically low on 10 mm bullets and can't find any bullets or ammo
Grumpy I tried some Red Dot with my 170 g SWC cast loads I haven't shot it enough to really give a good report but I like what I'm seeing so far I loaded enough to run a couple mags through all 7 of my 10mm's and I'm going to make more at some different loads to really get a good test run the reason I'm doing different powders is I bought a realoading lot at an auction very cheap so I'm expearmenting with what I have between all the loading books I have if I have the powder and its listed I'm going to make a run to try because I seen this time what has happened to some powders so I'm just looking into if it gets any worse and Obiteone starts cutting off our reloading supplies
Grumpy if you are on the net and run across somebody that has something in stock please let me know because there is nothing available I want a 6 inch std rifleing I have a G20 Gen 4
I did that the other day and Lone Wolf was 1 of them.Is there a big difference between the aftermarket barrels that you know of

damn expensive but top quality shotguns.
keep in mind what you intend to use a shotgun for and the ranges you intend to use it at,
will have a huge effect on both the correct shotgun choice and the preferred ammo to use.
a top quality semi auto like an H&K, Benelli, etc, may be a great defensive choice at ranges under 70 yards,
but a fully rifled bolt action like a SAVAGE, with correctly matched,
sabot slugs will cost less than 1/2 as much and be more effective/ & accurate,
out past 100-130 yards in many cases.
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never saw one before but at that price it looks rather interesting and not to much of a financial risk
keep in mind the quality of ammo , you select, often varies wildly ,
and as a result so will the shotguns effective use, accuracy and range.
having a pump, or semi auto , with a 5-8 shot capacity, may sounds great, but remember...
you can't miss fast enough to make up for a lack of range and accuracy,
a single well placed slug is obviously 100% lethal
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On another site there is a lot of good talk about a Savage/Stevens 320 Security 12 gauge they are inexpensive at $200.00 and are getting good reviews