garage security


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Exactly, make your self the hardest target possible.

And those guys are crazy good, often they will practice a lock for hours before posting a vid.

I find if i practice a lock, i can get it over and over.
Then just like that, i loose the touch and i can't open another lock until i get a good nights rest.

There are some other attacks that open a cheap master lock every time.

The lock i have on my shed i bought as an advanced lock sport.
The shed only houses my compressor, and does not look out of place.
Peace of mind with a crazy neighbor kid that hates me with my toys and noise... lol
(Crazy story there)

That lock = Special tools and skills are needed.
Eaiser to break my shed door.


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The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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while there's no way to prevent all crime, you can significantly reduce the odds by taking some logical steps to make theft much less easily accomplished,

parking in a fenced yard helps

having an alert dog certainly won't hurt

parking in a locked garage with its own security system helps a great deal

car alarms,
locking gas caps
steering wheel locks
and hidden gas line flow valves,
will reduce the chances of vehicle theft

having motion sensor outside lights that can be rather easy to also connect to an alarm notifying you of movement detected by the sensor

having a security system with outside cameras and motion sensor lighting that has an audible alarm, if movement is detected and a video monitoring screen will help, as will making it obvious that you have installed such theft prevention measures such as making cameras , lighting, a locked fence and a few signs on the property boundary obvious.
yeah, it costs money and its a P.I.T.A to install, but you can do a great deal to improve security and do it over time in small less expensive steps.



The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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its rather unfortunate but its certainly a fact,
there are some people who seem to think they are entitled to have anything that's not nailed down or chained up, simply because they can't afford it, and you have it!
in their warped way of looking at the world,
its totally unfair that they would be required to earn the money required to legally purchase something through labor or having acquired skills and knowledge , and trading their time and effort for material goods.

or put differently some people are jealous of others possessions,
I've seen $%^^&& deliberately run a key across a new cars paint , causing hundreds of dollars in damage and when caught they said
" the rich SOB can afford to fix it if he owns the car"
it just makes sense to try and protect your possessions if you can!