New TBucket Front Suspension and Brakes

They are all new I'm doing an experiment to see if they do better when they're clean
Just cleaning up my Vette mostly the Aluminum wheels I decided to put it in a show and didn't realize how bad it got mostly from not keeping up on it so I took the wheels off 1 at a time and cleaned them up
If you spray your aluminum wheels with Cerakote MC-5100, you won't have to spend any more time maintaining them again except to wash with soap and water occasionally. It's slick like Teflon so dirt just slides off.

There is no mixing, just pour it in your gun and spray. It flows out very nicely and it's dry to the touch in 15-30 minutes, fully cured in 24 hours.

You would need a pint to cover 4 wheels at $80 and have some left over. Or if you want to try it on just 2 wheels then the Tester size (4oz) at $35 would work. Shipping is kinda high thou., so a pint might be the better choice.

It's been on my trailer for couple of years now and it looks like I just sprayed it.


Can you spray it over wheels that are just buffed ? How is the pre spray prep that all looks and sounds good for sure
It's specifically made for polished aluminum. Prep is washing good with Dawn Dish Soap to degrease surface.

Cerakote Application Guide for MC-5100

1. Prepare aluminum surface by removing oil and other contaminants by thoroughly cleaning with Blue Dawn® dish soap and HOT
water, using a non-abrasive microfiber type cloth to avoid scratching the aluminum surface. High polished aluminum scratches
easily and should be hand washed with great care.

2. Dry surface using clean compressed air, ensuring no water spots are left behind.

3. MC-5100 Cerakote Clear - Aluminum is ready to spray and should not be thinned. Gently shake container and pour through a
325 mesh filter (Cerakote Part #SE-277) into a high quality HVLP spray gun with a 0.8 mm tip, such as an IWATA LPH-80
(Cerakote Part #SE-138). Set air pressure at 30 PSI.

4. A single wet coat is recommended for a 0.50 to 0.75 mil dry film thickness. For best results, work from the most difficult area to
the easiest. Use of a mil gauge can aid in insuring proper coating thickness (Cerakote Mil Gauge Part #SE-321). If you encounter
any surface defects during application, rinse immediately with acetone.

5. Allow parts to air dry. Parts will be tack free after approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Until this point the coating is still wet and
should not be touched. Parts will be fully cured within 24 hours.

6. Clean equipment with acetone.
thanks for posting the updated and Enhanced info on use! :like:

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I will defiantly do this in the spring that will give me all winter to get the best shine I can get on them than spray them when the weather breaks. So just shoot them in my garage nothing special other than clean the garage good before hand
Don't forget that Cerakote recommends a tip size of 0.8mm. I'm using the $15 Harbor Freight spray gun that has a 0.6mm tip. Read the application guide posted above. or download it from Cerakote. It couldn't hurt to clean the garage, but since it's tack free in about 15 minutes, dust is not a big problem.

The smell will knock your socks off, so use a mask or shoot the wheels outside.


It would be a good idea to buy some 4oz bottles and transfer the Cerakote from the pint container to the 4oz bottles.Expect to spill some, but overall it's better this way.


I don't know that's it's a imperative to have, but a 325 mesh strainer is suggested. The Cerakote model fits the HF spray gun linked above. It pretty expensive at $45. I would clean it immediately after filling the gun, do it before you start spraying. Acetone will not remove the Cerakote once it starts to cure.