tumble and swirl, quench & squish

and yeah, watching the videos does help prevent you from having problems,
if you take the info/knowledge you gained,
and use it to your advantage. that requires measuring



as many members come to know I spend a few hours almost every day adding links, researching, videos and adding detailed comments
or researching, and adding instructions or tips on both new and older existing threads,
one problem this seems to cause is that I frequent go through these component modification threads and realize I may be missing the best current tool, and thus the U.P.S and AMAZON DELIVERY GUYS spend a good deal of time and I tend to spend cash on constant tool upgrades and acquisitions.. and as a tool junkie,this tends to add up over time! my son says Im constantly watching for package deliveries
or as he said, I seem addicted like a heroin junkie, to getting new tools delivered
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